Millennials spoke of where they find their identity and the struggles they have in maintaining a strong identity.

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Millennial leaders shared that their identity as leaders is based on a deep set of values and beliefs about who they are. However, deeper beneath the surface there is an underlying tension revealed with 83% of millennials selecting that it is either ‘important’ or ‘very important’ to be liked by those they are leading. This is to be expected to some degree, however 52% of millennial leaders also selected ‘need for approval’ as one of the top 3 things most likely to negatively impact their leadership. ‘Fear of failure’ was also high at 58%.


One millennial speaking of where their identity comes from explained:

‘I am quite reliant on how other people see me and what other people think of me as a leader.’

Millennial leaders are wanting to see leaders whose words and actions align and who have an appropriate vulnerability within leadership. The online survey demonstrated this with 55% of millennials selecting ‘integrity’ as one of the top three qualities in the most effective leaders, and 44% selecting ‘humility’.

This was voiced by millennials exclaiming, ‘the worst characteristics of a leader that I’ve known: dishonest, lack of integrity’.



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