Leadership Development

Attitudes to leadership development was a key theme in the research

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85% of millennial leaders selected mentoring in their top three preferred leadership development methods, with 88% selecting ‘learning on the job’. The graph shows the number of people who selected each category as being in their top three. A combination of relational mentoring and learning, while actually doing, seems to be very valuable.


Interviewees stated:

mentoring is the most helpful thing because it’s context driven. It’s very specific to what’s going on

Developing others was also hugely valued. When asked what the best thing about leading was, the answer was almost always centred on developing others. For example,

I think what I love most is seeing other people develop. I love that side of my work. Leading others to be more confident. [To] be the best they can be.

59% of surveyed millennial leaders stated that they spend 11% or more of their time directly developing others, often through personal mentoring and ‘doing life together’.

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