Relationship with Jesus,

church and the Bible.

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The research explored the spirituality of millennial leaders. As the majority of respondents were evangelical / charismatic Christians, the research gave insight into their relationship with Jesus and their relationship to the church and the Bible.

There is a real desire to glorify God through their leadership and many had built in rhythms to spend time with Jesus in their daily lives.

The local church has played a significant part in the leadership development of millennial leaders with 66% selecting church as being in the top three of the most influential factors on their identity as a leader from a list of eight:

when I was growing up they gave me opportunities to lead. I think that’s been really helpful to me in my development as a leader.

The Bible was said to be used by the majority of millennial leaders within their everyday leadership. For example, one millennial leader explained to us that she has written some Bible verses about the fruit of the Spirit in her work planner to remind her to consider whether her leadership is reflecting those fruits. However, 39% of respondents said that whilst it was a high authority, they would not label the Bible as the ultimate authority.

Finally, millennial leaders voiced the serious challenge in holding to the authority of the Bible because of the hostile culture, and the culture that encourages everyone to have their own truths.

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