Future-Proof your leadership

A one-day training experience to prepare yourself for greater leadership influence.

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Learn to:

  • + Understand how organisations are changing, the forces at play in the environment and how to lead effectively in the future
  • + Position yourself and your organisation to attract, retain, motivate and develop the next generation of exceptional leaders
  • + Position your organisation, products and brands to speak to the next generation of clients, consumers and partners
  • + Overcome your personal barriers to being an effective leader in the future
  • + Overcome your organisation's cultural barriers to long term sustainability.

Who is this for?

Business leaders responsible for the strategy, direction, and future health of their business.

Are you:


+ Frustrated with the inability of your leadership to work with the next generation

+ Concerned you’re not able to read changes in the environment correctly

+ Feeling that you don’t understand how to get and retain great leaders of character in your business

+ Needing fresh ideas and approaches to position your leadership and organisation effectively for the future?


If so, then the Future-Proof Your Leadership Masterclass is for you.

Meet the host

The ‘Future-Proof your business’ Masterclass is hosted and facilitated by Simon Barrington. Simon will be joined by Andrew Williams, founder and partner at Maisha and Co.

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