Ignite the potential of your millennial leaders

Training to integrate research and best practice, providing a holistic approach to leadership.


Giving you the skills to:

  • + Equip millennial leaders within your organisation to lead with excellence and sustainability, and to develop and lead others well
  • + Position your organisation to attract, retain, motivate and develop the next generation of exceptional leaders
  • + Create a workplace culture where communication, motivation and leadership thrives across generations
  • + Overcome your organisation’s cultural barriers to long-term sustainability.

Who is this for?

Ignite the potential of millennial leaders within your organisation

+ Are you wanting to equip millennials within your organisation with the skills they need to lead effectively?

+ Are you seeing generational divides emerging within your organisation?

+ Are millennials within your organisation burning out, or do they seem lacking in purpose and vision?

+ Are you needing fresh ideas and approaches to help engage millennial leaders, and position your organisation for an effective future?


If these are questions you recognise, then our bespoke organisation programmes are for you.

The hosts

Our bespoke organisational programmes are hosted and facilitated by Naomi Partridge and Christine Gilland Robinson. Naomi and Christine are both experienced facilitators with a wealth of insight in learning and development.

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